About The Company

Our company was established by merging two companies one dealing with tea the other dealing with coffee. The tea business was established a few decades back where we were procuring tea from various parts of India mainly from Assam and Darjeeling. Later it was expanded to China, Ceylon, Japan,and Africa. Over a period of time,we started producing different varieties of tea like green tea, white tea, flavoredtea, chai tea, organic tea and muchmore. We produce both tea bags and powder for all varieties. We have our own factory in which we produce our tea.The coffee business is relatively new and it was mainly the business that brought in technology to us.

The coffee section started as a purelyonline business with backend being done from our own factory. We source our beans from various plantations across the world. This first started more with family members and friends contributing to it and has grown today intoa successful firm.Our factoryemploys around 30 people and is around 8000 sq.ft big. Both Tea and coffee production are merged under a single roof for ease of business though with the current forecast we may have to expand and separate them soon to cater to the growing demand.

The IT wing was inherited from our coffee business and these people take care of ensuring security,thesafetyof our business. We also have financial advisors and other people who have good experience in this industry.We have tie-ups with various retailers and directly sell them online as well. For handling, international shipping, we have contracts with the best courier companies that ensure the tea and coffee stay fresh until the time they reach you. Our research team also ensures that there are no preservatives added and quality is maintained throughout.